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My Daily Psalm: a devotional website sponsored by the Christian band Floodgate. I think it's fantastic that a band with strong appeal to younger folk is helping them get into the Psalms. Kudos to Floodgate!

Pray the Psalms Daily with the Monks: A liturgically-based website sponsored by the monks of the Benedictine Blue Cloud Abbey in South Dakota.

John Wesley's Commenatry on the Psalms (online)

John Calvin's Commentary on the Psalms
     Psalms 1-35
     Psalms 36-66
     Psalms 67-92
     Psalms 93-119
     Psalm 119 (cont)-150

Augustine's Commentary on the Psalms (online)

Matthew Henry's Commentary on the Psalms (online)

Thomas Aquinas's Commentary on the Psalms (online)

Charles Spurgeon's Commentary on the Psalms, The Treasury of David (online) (HT Adrian Warnock)

Introducting the Psalms, by Dennis Bratcher

A Collection of Studies on the Psalms from

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Psalm Links

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The Daily Bible Reading is a system of reading through the entire Bible in two years. Devised for Irvine Presbyterian Church, this system includes daily readings of the Psalms.
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